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Phoenix 680W

Why Choose Spectrum King LED Grow Lights?

What People Are Saying About Our Lights

Jeff Edwards

I am frequently accused of doing nothing “half-ass”... so, when I decided to look into LED lighting for my indoor growing needs, I researched every brand of LED light I could find. I looked at Gavita, Kind, Black Dog, Optics Plus and many, many others. After several months of research, countless emails and phone conversations... I decided to make my investment with Spectrum King. The end results were: ONE (1) PLANT GROW... 34” inches in diameter by 21” inches tall 117 individual Colas, 109 Colas at “chop” because I harvested 8 Colas early to experience the different stages of trichome development and potency aspects. I literally grew a Master Kush Bush! I have since acquired an SK 400, and a Closet Case 100w. ALL of the lights that Spectrum King offers are built like a tanks! I actually dropped my SK 400 from a height of 5 feet and it survived without damage of any kind to my light and zero issues... just a big dent in my hardwood floor. These are incredible grow lights! Their warranty is outstanding, the Customer Care is AMAZING!!! Try one of these outstanding lights and you too will be blown away by your results! I am a Spectrum King customer for life!

Michigan Winner

I am writing this in appreciation for all the work and research that went into this light! I am now in the process of changing over all my lights to the 400 LED thanks Spectrum king!

James from Norcal

By far the best LED on the market. Great investment that will be returned ten fold in electrical cost savings...

Casey F.

Received my lights yesterday, Thank you all very much. They are worth every penny, exceeded my expectations...

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