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All new product line from Spectrum King LED
Dino H. Carter
All new product line from Spectrum King LED
While others were content with the status quo resting on their laurels the engineers at Spectrum King LED were hard at work. Digging deep into their own research and the scientific breakthroughs of the day to find all pertinent details and facts. Science and product development isn't stagnant and to be in front and on top you have to keep working and staying abreast of any and all technological advances in order to bring forth only the best for discerning growers worldwide.
One constant you'll find with Spectrum King LED is that this isn't a game to them or a hobby but a deep passion to make the best grow lights possible with the latest technology and plant science breakthroughs combined for results that cannot be faked. Call it their obsession to ensure that every product they make has a singular purpose to be the best product in the class it belongs to. In boxing terms from lightweight to heavyweight they have you covered.
During the immense challenges the world faced through 2020 and onwards Spectrum King LED kept working safely and quietly on the next generation of lights that we introduce to you today. They realize that results count and that always was and still is their primary goal. The Spectrum King LED all-new lineup for 2021 brings to you products that are the fruit of intense labor which took all of your comments, questions and concerns into account along with the latest technological advances and by doing all of this over real plants in a real garden
run by real people. There is a reason they say, "plants don't lie, people do!" By working with real plants it becomes clear rather quickly what is working and what was a theory not practiced but preached.
From a first-time home grower to the seasoned veteran in a large commercial setting Spectrum King LED has a product that will get the job done for you in ways that you'll be proud of and very happy to see. The new generation of lights no longer have glass, seals, gaskets and off-gassing valves. They are all safe for use in wet and humid garden environments. They have diodes with anti-sulfurization treatments then a conformal coating that does not retain heat, change light waves or block light output. Completely reimagnined and reengineered light engines which get you more efficiency and more light output with the same or less power than the previous generation.
The SK603 takes a huge leap forward with significant output gains in a slimmer form factor and dual port RJ12 connectivity which makes it ready for most 0-10V controllers. In fact all of the new lights have the dual port RJ12 connections. The light engine is completely new with new breakthroughs in dielectric materials for much higher output all the while being more power efficient.
For vertical farming and denser populations of shorter plants we bring you the LowPro Flower V2. Supreme coverage in a very short form factor with light bars that just click into place for very quick and easy assembly. A true powerhouse fixture for high quality flowering crops with our proven and patented spectrum.
The SK403 is the little brother to the SK603 and has the same outstanding spectrum with 2/3 of the light output and is best for your more sensitive strains and intermediate sized plants. It is surprisingly bright for its power consumption and truly a quantum leap over the stalwart SK402. It has a completely redesigned light engine, reflector and power supply and will blow away anything in its class like the champion it is.
Next up is the LowPro Veg V2 which is another redesigned light engine as well and completely redesigned end caps and reconfigured connectivity this is THE veg light for any serious grower who wants the most consistent plants in short time frames. It has quickly become the veg light of choice for commercial gardeners worldwide for a good reason: it just flat out rocks! Plants LOVE this light.
Both LowPro units have modified extrusions with all new rounded edge end caps and modified frames that have just a few screws on either end and clips that the light bars just click into. A more refined aesthetic with performance that will silence the most ardent of critics the LowPro V2 series lights are game changers.
Spectrum King LED know that performance and outstanding results with a rock solid warranty for peace of mind is what you want and that is just what they offer. You need to see these yourself.

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