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We are Spectrum King LED!

Spectrum King LED, the pioneer of Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights, specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling high-end LED grow lights for Indoor/Greenhouse applications with both the Agriculture and Horticulture industries.

Spectrum King LED’s team is made up of forward-thinking and technology-driven Lighting Engineers find the union between you - the gardeners who have multiple decades of experience and the science around LED’s. Many of us here at SKLED are veteran growers…”We create grow lights for growers by growers.’

Built with the most durable and high-quality parts, Spectrum King LED grow lights use Less Energy and create Less Heat, which saves you money, promotes eco-friendly growing, while producing stronger and healthier plants…even a greater harvest.

As the leading innovative LED tech company, Spectrum King LED invests in all the latest technological developments along with actual live plant study. Based in California, Spectrum King LED’s manufacturing facility and warehouse has automated robotic machinery, injection molding and assembly benches. Actual Research and Development Grow rooms are maintained. Spectrum King LED is focused on extensive live testing under various environmental conditions - with each grow light. (Including but not limited to stress testing, and potential environmental challenges that a light may encounter and then we repeat it again, so as to insure that no light is released before it goes thru these steps. So our grow light customers can use it with confidence.

Spectrum King LED grow lights maintain the most important testing standards, and are listed by ETL in conformance with UL standards, CE and RoHS, ensuring safe and dependable operation. SKLED grow lights are IP65 certified, which signifies “The grow lights are safe for use in wet and humid environments”.

Whether you are a home grower or commercial/industrial grower…you can use our grow lights for your needs - from medical marijuana to indoor gardens of spices and vegetables. Take a look at Spectrum King LED’s full line of full spectrum LED grow lights and accessories.


Our Operating team

Rami Vardi – Founder and CTO
Mr. Vardi is a pioneer in developing LED technology with his current focus at Spectrum on LED grow lights in the MMJ industry as well as other agricultural and horticultural businesses.

Mr. Vardi co-founded Spectrum in late 2014, and in 2015, their first year of operation, Mr. Vardi guided Spectrum to $3.3 million in annual sales. Spectrum is poised for significant growth in 2017 and beyond.

Prior to starting Spectrum, Mr. Vardi founded several businesses which have had significant success. Bright Light LED, which he founded in 2008, focused principally on developing LED technology for public places such as sports stadiums, commercial, industrial and governmental applications. In 2009, Vardi founded Stealth Grow LED which, like Spectrum, focused on agricultural uses. Stealth reached sales of $2.5 million and was sold in 2011 to a public company. In 2011 Vardi also worked with Stanford University to developing medical LED devices and the study was later published and purchased by Philips lighting. Over the years of his career Vardi has served in a wide variety of positions information technology at various businesses.

David Zemach – Co-Founder
In addition to co-founding Spectrum with Rami Vardi in 2014 and working with Mr. Vardi in Stealth Grow LED, Mr. Zemach has been a successful real estate developer, general contractor and professional airline pilot with United Airlines. For the past three years, Mr. Zemach has been involved in the MMJ marketplace primarily through designing and operating numerous MJ cultivation facilities.

Stephen Brent – Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Brent has extensive experience in all aspects of the MJ industry through his direct ownership and operation of dispensary licenses in both Los Angeles and most recently Las Vegas. Brent is also the founder of Sequoia CBD, Inc., a new clinically focused business that is providing cannabidiol (“CBD”), the non-psychoactive substance in MJ, to patients with severe and debilitating medical conditions.

Prior to his entrance into the MJ business, Brent held numerous executive level positions in a Fortune 500 financial institution in operations, management, sales, regulatory oversight and fraud management. Brent managed over 500 employees in several positions.