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The iHP Remote Control System

This power system provides accuracy, resolution, and stability as a programmable scheduling, voltage, and current source. Avoid power spikes & surges and keep your peace of mind.
The power rack houses EMC filtering and digital front-end power factor correction (PFC) circuits, input/output connectors and related hardware. 
The modules can be connected in series or parallel while achieving high accuracy voltage and current sharing.
The iHP has flexible input and can take 180v – 528v single or 3 phase power.
  • Cost Effective
  • Reliable
  • Scalable
  • Highly Efficient
  • Flexible
  • Easily Controlled

Call us and tell us about your growing needs and size, and we will configure the right remote control system for you.


  • First to market a 480v 3 phase control system
  • Drastically reduce your current loads
  • 24,000 @ 480v 3 phase
  • Runs 40 SK600 - 1 amp per light
  • Configurable with all Spectrum King LED

The iHP remote system is configured precisely for your grow specifications.

Call us with your grow's details (size, number of grow lights, etc.) and we will create a system for your grow needs (818) 884-8166