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Deciding Where to Grow?

Whether you’re in a single-family residence or an apartment, Spectrum King LED has products that will light whatever size grow space you have, be it big or small. Both the Closet Case and the Mother’s Lil’ Helper will work in any of these areas.

Click on the place you are thinking about growing in:

Growing in a tent?

Whether you use our SK Tent or have your own, we have the right fixture for you. From 2x2 sizes and up, Spectrum King LED has you covered.

Our Mother’s Lil’ Helper (either the 100w or 140w) is perfect for leafy greens that are being grown in one-gallon pots or smaller. For a small grow in your tent you can use the Closet Case and when your grow gets bigger you can use the SK402

Growing in a Closet?

Looking to do a full-cycle grow with one light in a small area? From seed to harvest for smaller plants in a smaller area (ex.3’x3’), our Closet Case does it all.

Growing in a Garage?

Depend on your grow size, you can use a few different SKLED grow lights in your garage, use the pot sizes photos below to determine which light you need

Growing by pot size?

Click on the pot size you use to see our recommended lights:

Closet Case 100W LED Grow Light
Start saving on your power bill today with The Closet Case 100W LED Grow Light, designed to work for both veg and bloom. 100 Watt Patent Pending Full Spectrum LED Grow Light. Replaces 2-4 Bulb T5 Fixtures as well as 250w HPS bulb setups. Made for smaller grow spaces and shorter...
Closet Case 140W LED Grow Light
Start saving on your power bill today with The Closet Case 140W LED Grow Light, designed to work for both veg and bloom. With our 400Watt HPS and 315CMH fixtures, you replace your old with our high efficiency LED grow lights designed for closets, tents and smaller grows. There is...
Mother’s Lil Helper 100W LED Grow Light
100 Watt Patent Pending Full Spectrum LED Veg Light. Replace your old T5 banks, CFLs and 250W CMH fixtures. Designed for Mother plants, seedlings and clones. Preferred use for vegetative growth only. Nationwide compliant with driverless LED technology. With rugged IP65 rated water resistant housing the Mother’s Lil Helper 100 LED Grow Light...
Mother’s Lil Helper 140W LED Grow Light
Mother’s Lil’ Helper 100W LED Grow Light … is just what the name says! It's 140 Watt, patent pending, full spectrum LED Grow Light that replaces T5, 400Watt MH, and 315CMH fixtures. It is a commercial grade fixture designed for years of consistent maintenance free use. Designed to keep your mother...
SK402 LED Grow Light
SK402 LED Grow Light
All white, highly reflective 460 Watt Patent Pending Full Spectrum LED Grow Light made in the USA. The all around white coating gives better intensity on the outer edge of your canopy. Can be used for both vegetative and flower growth. Perfect for plants that are particularly sensitive while only...
120° Reflector For SK400 Series
The 120-degree reflector kit made for the SK400, SK400Plus or the SK402, gives you more control when you need it. Using the reflector kit ensure that all the light emitted from the SK400s LED grow light is directed down to the plant canopy. Installation just takes a few minutes, and everything you need...
SK600 LED Grow Light
SK600 LED Grow Light
The 600 watt patent pending full spectrum LED grow light is made in the USA. This light replaces 1000W-1200W dual-ended bulbs (both MH HPS). It can be used for both vegetative and flower growth. The nationwide compliant SK600 LED grow light coverage area includes 25 sq ft in flower (...
SK600 LED Grow Light Reflector
The 90 degree reflector kit is made for the SK600 and for higher ceiling and taller plant applications. For commercial operations such as large scale greenhouses or indoor facilities that need to static mount their lighting, the reflector is the perfect choice. It is heavily powder coated white for better...
Method Seven Sunglasses LEDfx
The world's first optics optimized for full spectrum LED lighting environment! Lenses manufactured to exacting standards and optical clarity by Carl Zeiss color balance the most popular commercial Full Spectrum LED grow lights with a near normal white hue. Now with Infrared protection. Change the way you grow! Color, Clarity,...
Spectrum King LED Buddha T-Shirt
What could be better than proudly wearing our Spectrum King LED Well Lit Buddha on your back, making people smile as you walk by!This shirt is made from 100% soft cotton and is pre shrunk to fit better. The shirts are more comfy thanks to the lack of a tag...
Spectrum King LED Snapback Hat
Chambray flat visor pro style snapback with front center panel and Spectrum King LED logo embroidery. One size fits all.

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