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Deciding Where to Grow?

Whether you’re in a single-family residence or an apartment, Spectrum King LED has products that will light whatever size grow space you have, be it big or small. Both the Closet Case and the Mother’s Lil’ Helper will work in any of these areas for home growers, and our full spectrum sunlight LED grow lights will produce fruitful yields.

Click on the place you are thinking about growing in:

Growing in a tent?

Whether you use our SK Tent or have your own, we have the right fixture for you. From 2x2 sizes and up, Spectrum King LED has you covered with the best LED grow lights for home growers.

Our Mother’s Lil’ Helper (either the 100w or 140w full spectrum LED bulbs) is perfect for leafy greens that are being grown in one-gallon pots or smaller. For a small grow in your tent you can use the Closet Case and when your home grow gets bigger you can use the SK402. 

Growing in a Closet?

Looking to do a full-cycle grow with one full spectrum sunlight LED grow light in a small area? From seed to harvest for smaller plants in a smaller area (ex.3’x3’), our Closet Case does it all.

Growing in a Garage?

Depend on your home’s grow size, you can use a few different SK LED grow lights in your garage, use the pot sizes photos below to determine which light you need

Growing by pot size?

Click on the pot size you use to see our recommended LED grow lights:

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Spectrum King's sales and engineering team can assist with facilities of any type. Just fill out the form below or shoot us an email at and we’ll be happy to help.