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"I have well over a decade of growing the absolute finest cannabis, and SPECTRUM KING is hands down the most effective and high-performance lighting system I have ever used." 

Mr. Spliff of Cannabis

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As fellow growers and as fellow business-people, Spectrum King knows what’s important to a large scale grower like yourself! The innovative full spectrum LED grow lights from Spectrum King help you provide higher-quality yields at a decreased cost of operations, and a rapid return on investment with a significant saving on infrastructure for commercial vertical, greenhouse and indoor gardening.

Proven Results

As all of us know in the horticulture industry Metal Halide (MH) and High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs have served the horticulture industry for decades and are proven light sources that provide a successful harvest from a yield perspective; but there are a few drawbacks. MH & HPS lamps use a lot of energy, are toxic to our environment and produce excessive heat with infra-red spectrums which hurt the quality of your plant and the amount of THC and CBD oil your plant will produce - not to mention the constant maintenance, which is especially difficult when vertical farming.

Many LED grow light companies advertise an unfamiliar self-engineered spectral output that has not been seen in any traditional bulb or even close to resembling natural sunlight for that matter, which raises a big concern and uncertainty creating high risk and less chance for a successful harvest. Spectrum King LED grow lights are made based on HPS bulbs and natural sunlight, two proven spectral outputs that you can be certain will work under any plant species or genetics. This way there is no question as to whether or not your plants will thrive under our full spectrum LED grow lights, that’s part of what we call “Proven Results”!!  

**See below how our spectrum compares to today’s traditional bulbs. Notice how both intensity and spectral distribution is not only present but exceeds the traditional lamps spectral capability. This again helps large scale growers feel at ease transitioning to LED because Spectrum King Products have the spectrum that has provided proven results in HPS lamps**

Spectrum King LED commercial grow lights do not produce harmful IR or any excessive heat, this is important because we all know that HPS lamps evaporate moisture in the air as well as the nutrients in the pots; well this evaporation also happens to that precious THC & CBD oil building on the leaf and plant surfaces; reducing the amount extracted oil compounds you end up with which is less profit. With additional fine tuning of the spectrum, we have created a light that is sure to increase your extraction output and bring out the terpene profile in your plant. Just hear what our dispensary growers have to say.

Here is a Sativa genetic that was tested under a 1000 watt HPS against our full spectrum LED grow lights. The same environment and nutrients was used with separating walls for light separation.

The Close-Up!!

And if our data is not convincing enough, take a look at the comments by seasoned growers using our lights.

“I've been growing for over 30 years and specializing on certain strains for 11 years for medical patients and compassionate care. As many of my clients cannot smoke I've been making extracts and tinctures for them. I was accustomed to getting 10-15% max out of my extracts for yields until I tried Spectrum King LED's. Now it's just nuts that I'm consistently getting over 22% from them and the quality is off the charts. I'm saving tons on my electric bills and my plants are loving these lights. These things really work and more people need to know about them.” -Tom, CA

Click to see more customer feedback.


It is in every business’s best interests to operate as efficiently as possible so as to generate maximum profit without sacrificing quality in their end products. Spectrum King has taken that perspective and implemented both superior components to increase efficiency as well as to bring the best LED technology available to be offered on an economic scale to commercial growers.

Compared to the 1,150-1,200 watt traditional Double-ended HPS lamps our products use 50% less energy and 70% less HVAC, dramatically impacting the operating costs. In addition, our lights are maintenance free and don’t require purchases and change-out of bulbs, reflectors or ballasts. Did you know that over the course of 5 years an HPS bulb uses over $1,800 in maintenance costs? Our LED grow lights don’t require any maintenance and are warrantied from any defects for 5 years and we guarantee our light output degradation with certified data guaranteeing your LED output. Don’t be a victim of LED grow lights that will fail you.

Amperage limitations?: Many grow facilities are limited by the electrical amperage load and is even sometimes a brick wall to how large a certain facility can scale up; or just maximize its energy loads usage across its infrastructure and have more flexibility to add more equipment for large scale dispensary grows.

Our first to market 480 Volt 3 phase Remote Power Systems will reduce our SK602 wattage to just 1 amp per light at 100% power while removing electrical heat away from the canopy and reducing the electrical inversion loss to just one transformer. This brings 97-98% electrical efficiency to your large scale operation giving your plants more light and not wasting watts. In addition the Remote Power System eliminates the need to have outlets and plugs installed saving tens of thousands of dollars to a new electrical infrastructure. Please visit the Spectrum King Remote Power Systems page to learn more or Contact us directly and one of our technicians will explain it further.


You always want to make sure the equipment you purchase and place in your grow room is safe and will not be the cause of something catastrophic such as a fire in your greenhouse or grow room. In addition, you want to know that when you invest your money into a value item, that it is being manufactured with standard operating procedures and quality craftsmanship. We are proud to be making our grow lights in the USA, built to the industry’s safety standards with top quality components. Our lights are ETL / UL listed and IP rated with no active cooling components or moving parts, making them robust and reliable.

Why Is IP rating important: There are several reasons you want to check the IP rating on your grow light; as the Cannabis regulations become no different than food manufacturing which you want to be able to comply with. Our special paint and IP ratings allow growers to sanitize the rooms with a quick wash. No need to worry about those electrical components and taking down hundred if not thousands of lamps to clean one at a time. Our fixtures are made to make a growers life easy and as less labor intensive as possible, whether the grow is vertical, in a greenhouse or in an indoor gardening facility. Another reason why it is important to have IP rating and sealed LED arrays is because of the chemicals LEDs are made of. On the top of the LED is a very porous silicone dome or top layer with phosphor that absorbs everything in the environment. This exposure will reduce the output and degrade the LED much quicker than anticipated and will result in failed LED lights and low crop yields. Spectrum King LEDs are all IP65 which means they can even be outside in the rain!!!

Want to get a rebate from your local power company, No Problem!! Our lights meet and exceed all energy rebate qualifications, just send us your local energy rebate program and we will provide you will all the necessary documentation to apply for your rebates.


Spectrum King LEDs are certified and tested by different third-party laboratories. We have verified LM79 & LM80 Data from Accredited labs certified by the Department of Energy to guarantee the performance of our fixtures.

What is LM79 & LM-80: LM79 refers to the basic photometry of a light fixture. Spectral graph with light output and electrical efficiencies are included in the report as well as zonal intensity maps. LM80 refers to a method for measuring the lumen depreciation and junction temperatures of solid-state lighting sources, such as LED packages, modules, and arrays. This is to establish a curve of the diminishing wear on the LED or an LED’s lifetime. LED chip manufacturers are required to delay product release to the market for a year. This is done to truly test the LED and make sure it does what the factories say it will. These tests must be done by third-party labs that are certified by the Department of Energy.

Our light diminishing factor is about 1.4% per year on normal use. Grow operations using 12-12 time cycles can expect 6.5 years before losing even 10% of light (90% original light remaining) and over 15 years to reach 70%. True quality!!

After all, the last thing any person wants is an investment into an LED grow light only to have that LED output 50% of its original light in 1-5 years. LED are meant to last, and so the thermal design and construction is very crucial.

Each of our LED grow lights is warrantied to provide at least 90% of the light’s original output for three years, but for added peace of mind, we also provide a 5-year mechanical warranty on all our 400+ and our new SK600 grow lights.

Scalability & Upgradability

We are a company of growers for growers and we want you to improve your growing capabilities, we work continuously to get better by creating more efficient LED grow lights as technologies evolve and maximizing the opportunities for our client's success. One of our greatest offerings is to offer upgradeable grow lights! This saves our commercial indoor gardening customers huge amounts of money by offering them an upgrade option whenever we launch a new light engine that is more efficient or outputs more light for the same power of the existing lamps. You can upgrade your Spectrum King LED lights for a fraction of the cost of a new light. Let us explain: Say you bought a $1,400 grow light only to have a newer 30% more light output and more efficient grow light hit the market 1-2 years later; it becomes a heavy expense and not a sensible on a financial level to replace all your lights. Spectrum King makes the LED arrays backwards compatible so the newer technology can work in your previous purchased lamps at a fraction of a cost. The upgrade can happen on site or at our facility.

As a commercial grower, you want as much control over your lights and the ability to scale up. We offer lighting controllers with that can be daisy chained from 2 – 20,000 lights. Our controllers use a simple USB connection with and an easy interface designed to allow users to create a simple overview of their entire operation and full control their lights.

Our upgrade options and remote power supplies allow dispensary growers to change different lighting models without changing the electrical infrastructure.

Spectrum King LED Founders Statement:

~ I have been a grower for 13 years and manufacturing LED grow lights for 9 years. Throughout those years I have manufactured every possible configuration of grow lights and spectrums available and comparing against HPS lamps. I can assure you that nothing comes close to the quality and performance of our Spectrum King LED grow lights, as a grower myself I made sure our products excel every growers desires and expectations. We thank our customers for their support and thank you for considering us. Now let’s start growing! ~

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