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Our Customers experience amazing results with our products. Check out what they have to say and how  they have benefited from Spectrum King LED lights.
R.J., Canada
I find Spectrum King LED to be very business minded towards their customers. Great management leader and a great team of people to deal with.
Joe, California
They slaughtered my HPS side by side the LED had way more frost color and size. My boss is hesitant to get the 60 that we need so I am trying to convice him with results on my personal. I have the two I bought and would like to replace the other 4 and do a full room run with all LED. We will be ready in a month or so for the big rooms so I want to show him before we start building out and spending tones of money on AC ect.
Casey F.
Received my lights yesterday, Thank you all very much. They are worth every penny, exceeded my expectations. Even more impressive in person. Already putting them to work, can’t wait to see some results. Than You
Cornbread, king of the south
Holy sheep!!! This sum-bitch is bright!!! Awesome design…lighter in weight…low profile makes up for increase in distance from canopy, awesome spread of quality light coverage, much deeper penetration through canopy, and is the best light on the market…period…end of discussion…mic drop!!
JL & DS, Montana
We have grown cannabis for several years and recently became a Montana medical provider. We have been using HPS lighting and T5 sidelights. As energy costs have dramatically increased our costs, we began to explore LED technology. We tried products from other manufacturers with mixed results. We then found Spectrum King and tested a Series 400+ LED Grow Light in a controlled space. We used it above 5 cannabis plants with T5 sidelight banks. As you can see from the attached photos, we got great light penetration and lush growth – even near the bottom of the plants. In addition, our power usage dropped by nearly half. You can see on the graph when the HPS lighting went online in April and when the Spectrum King light replaced the HPS lights in October. In Montana, outdoor growing is problematic due to the short growing season, so indoor grows are our mainstay. As we increase production, we are planning on purchasing more Spectrum King lights as our main lighting for both vegging and flowering. The higher cost of the Spectrum King light is more than offset by dramatically reducing power consumption. We are so pleased with our Spectrum King light that we purchased the cloner light and are currently using it successfully with our cloning operation. The quality and volume of the plant material, calyxes, and trichomes are second to none. We use all of the plant material to make medicine, so this lighting technology enables us to make more and better medicine. Many thanks to Spectrum King!
Tom, CA
I’ve been growing for over 30 years and specializing on certain strains for 11 years for medical patients and compassionate care. As many of my clients cannot smoke I’ve been making extracts and tinctures for them. I was accustomed to getting 10-15% max out of my extracts for yields until I tried Spectrum King LED’s. Now it’s just nuts that I’m consistently getting over 22% from them and the quality is off the charts. I’m saving tons on my electric bills and my plants are loving these lights. These things really work and more people need to know about them.
Emil, YouTube Fan
You guys are the FUTURE! …in a couple of years when HPS and “coloured” LEDs are a thing of the past, we will be able to say that “Spectrum King revolutionized the LED growing technology
Jeramiah Johnson, One Damn Satisfied Customer
I have never seen…this kind of development with such thick healthy stalks from my varieties ever…!
Jack from California
My electrical bill dropped more than half and my plants are growing like crazy. No need to air condition my grow room. My plants are producing as much with the LEDs as that did with the HPS and the room is not crazy hot. The yield and quality of the product is second to none.
Blaze, CO
Intense bud site production, very tight internodal spacing. Great density. Great terpenoid production. Matured 2-5 days earlier than usual. Electricity bill went from $1250 per month to $575 per month. This technology works.
Michigan Winner
I am writing this in appreciation for all the work and research that went into this light! I am now in the process of changing over all my lights to the 400 LED thanks Spectrum king!
Special K, CA
Yields about the same as my HPS, but saves me buckets on my electric bill. No moving parts and these lights are really built tough. No humming or buzzing at all. Glad I found them.
Another Happy Grower
I love your lights! …the densest 1′ Sativas I’ve ever seen. I will definitely be getting more… Thank you again for an outstanding product Spectrum King.
Mizba Skywalker
The Best Lights I have tested over 15 years… I am saving huge on electricity bills–this light is amazing and maximum LOVE goes to SPECTRUM KING LED. This is the indoor growing light of the FUTURE—no more heat issues, no more noise issues, maximum savings on electricity bills.
Joe, California
Look at this, spectrum king ROCKS!!! Buds everywhere, great penetration all the way to the bottom of the girls. Great product, hands down!!!
Buzzy, BC
At first I was nervous because my plants reacted a bit differently than I was used to seeing in early flower so I called them up and asked about returning them. They told me that if I still wanted to return them once I finished my cycle I could but just let it finish and that I have a 90 days no bs return policy. Man am I glad that I listened! Love these things now and it would’ve been nuts of me to send them back, they are kickass lights!
Dr Bonger, CA
My garden went from great to awesome in one cycle with these!
James from Norcal
By far the best LED on the market. Great investment that will be returned ten fold in electrical cost savings. My plants love the spectrum of the light and they have never looked happier. Trichome production has been off the charts. Easy to install and they run cool. This is the most efficient way to grow and the increased quality of the plants makes it even better. 10/10!
Bud, WA
This light is the future. Fully developed bud sites at 2 weeks. Producing resin. Incredible. Grower is shocked with the performance.
Dustin, CA
Insane trich production! Even in mid flower plants are just producing crazy trichomes.