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Spectrum king New Grow Light: The SK403
Dino H. Carter
Spectrum king New Grow Light: The SK403

As technology evolves so do we.

Years ago we introduced the SK400 which was the first full spectrum grow light in the market. It evolved to the SK400+ to the SK402 and now to the SK403 and anyone who has grown with any of the predecessors knows they are the real deal.

The SK403 puts out a staggering amount of light for drawing just 460 watts from the wall. Made to cover a 4x4 area in flower and built for working in any garden - a tent or closet, in a garage, a greenhouse or a larger indoor grow it is ready to shine for your plants and deliver the goods. 
SK403 grow light
The product speaks loudly for itself. It is very efficient scoring 2.1 umol/j. What does that mean? Is it good? Yes, it is! That means this light is putting out more light for each watt consumed than most lights currently released today and is a massive leap forward.
The SK402 puts out 44,873 lumens which was good but now the SK403 is putting out 62,080.9 lumens. This means the SK403 puts out over 38% more light than the previous generation which was already an outstanding light!
The SK403 gets PAR readings better than most 1,000 watt single ended bulbs all the while using less than half the power!
The SK403 has a US patented spectrum. Built to last and give you years of care free service the SK403 can take any voltage from 110-277 volts out of the box and can be run indoors or outdoors.
Safe for use in wet and humid garden environments it is completely at home there and ready to shower your plants in luscious full spectrum lighting.
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