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Absolutely! We as growers ourselves have tried everything to accommodate our indoor plants and we made the switch to LED lights, and we’re not the only ones. Numerous universities and government agencies, including NASA, use LED lights to grow a variety of plants. If you’re still skeptical, we invite you to take a look at some of the results we are celebrating with existing customers.

See our YouTube channel to see just how LED lights work

Our LED grow lights provide plants with the quality of light they need to grow and thrive. Traditional LEDs generally emit red and blue light wavelengths, which are known as the colors that activate photosynthesis. However, our LEDs are designed to mimic sunlight by providing the full spectrum of light. This creates healthier plants and a richer harvest for you.

Q: Many customers ask us why we don’t offer the ability to change the spectrum of out lights as some other companies advertise.

A: 1) The LED grow light industry still has a lot of chatter and negative comments due to the lack of performance and inferior product that saturated the market during 2008-2014. We wanted to ensure every grower success and not leave any room for “trial and error” and thus released the ultimate spectrum, sun like output that can work with any species and genetic on the planet.

2) In order to truly have a grow light that can alter spectrums you need to have x3 the amount of LEDs which increases the cost dramatically. Allow us to explain: If you have Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White, all with 100 watts worth of LED diodes making up a 500 watt capable LED grow light; if you decide you want to eliminate the green wavelength, you now have a 400 watt LED grow light. By reducing one of the colors you now reduce your overall amount of microwatt emission and lose a large amount of your intensity. If you reduce one color you need to be able to increase another color above the “full power” setting in order to make up for the loss. You need to have another array of LEDs to compensate for the LEDs that were reduced. By having x3 100 watt banks of each color, that would allow you to truly have a spectral manipulating light.

But with today’s LED costs, that would be an expensive LED grow light which is not our goal. Spectrum King is proud to say that we are the most economical (performance wise) grow light on the market.

If you feel the need to custom design your spectrums, don’t hesitate to ask. We can custom build any Grow light that comes to mind. Give us a call!!

Full spectrum light closely resembles natural sunlight, which plants have been accustomed to for billions of years. Plants thrive when given the quality and intensity of light that they’re accustomed to and have naturally adapted to.

SK600 - Veg: 8×8 Flower:5×5
400+ - Veg: 6×6 Flower:4×4
CC Veg: 4×4 Flower:2.5×2.5
MLH Veg: 4×4

SK600 = 1,500 BTUs
400+ = 1,350 BTUs
MLH = 345 BTUs
CC = 345 BTUs

IP65 is an international standard that designates that a fixture is safe for use in wet or humid environments. Our lights can be sprayed with a garden hose while on and keep on working without any problems. In fact, we have one of the few lights that are certified safe to work in wet and humid environments, like grow rooms and greenhouses.

Yes. Spectrum King LED grow lights are certified and tested by multiple third party laboratories and our light diminishing factor is about 1.4% per year of normal use.

Yes! Both the SK600 and the 400+ lights are great to veg with. Our Patent Pending full spectrum produces light similar to the sun which every plant loves!

Most of us are used to keeping temps down in the room because of the intense heat coming from the HPS bulbs. We ran those temps- not because it was optimal- because we had to or else we faced bigger problems such as cooking the crop or worse, in the event an AC fails, killing the plants. This is NOT the case with our LED technology.

HPS give off excess infrared light that overheats the plant cuticle and that is why indoor temps are kept in the 70’s. Our LED’s do not give off excess IR and for that reason, you treat your plants like outdoor plants which like it hotter. An optimal temp range for our lights would be in the 80-85F (26-29C).

Your Spectrum King LED Grow lights were designed with the highest efficiency in mind. The amount of power your light is pulling will vary based on the type of cord you chose when you purchased your light. Spectrum King LED Grow Lights come equipped to accept power from as low as 110V up to 220V. Our 400+ Models can accept up to 277V. To learn more about how to properly calculate how much power your devices are using in your grow room, watch this video:

Spectrum King LED | Basic Electrical Tips for Indoor Growers

The kind of plug you chose for your light will depend greatly on where you are geographically. Different territories use different plug types. Take a look at the chart below to find the plug that applies to your plug type requirements.

Any valuable equip you own should be protected by ensuring you are not overloading your circuits. In areas where power is inconsistent with spikes and surges that put your valuable equipment at risk. You should always have a surge protector and if possible a voltage regulator to provide you with peace of mind.

The typical 1000-watt HPS vented hood produces over 3000 BTUs, while exposed bulbs produce more. For comparison, the Gavita DE1150 produces about 7000 BTUs when it is turned up all the way.

No! The manual dimmer option requires different drivers and parts. It is a factory installed unit. You can’t buy a product off the shelf and plug it into our lights to get dimming functionality. It just won’t work.

Our lights are LEDs, meaning they use diodes, not bulbs. They don’t need to be changed out like HPS (high-pressure sodium) or MH (metal halide) bulbs every 6-9 months. To learn more about how long your Spectrum King LED Grow Light will last watch this video:

Spectrum King LED I How long will my LED Grow Light Last?

Going from an HPS(MH/CMH) light source to our Patent Pending Full Spectrum will produce a slight light shock depending on plant variation and species. The same is true if you are using our LED Grow lights for the vegetative stage and move them into an HPS, Dual Ended or other. This is normal as they will take some time to adjust. If all other conditions are optimal they should bounce back within a week. Please ensure that you are applying the right intensity over the canopy for the appropriate life stage of your plant. Purchasing a light meter for your garden is a great idea as it can help you dial in the best distance over the canopy.

Spectrum King LED wants you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, just return the merchandise in its original packaging within 30 days of the date you received the package for an exchange or a refund of the purchase price minus the original shipping and handling.

We will refund the original shipping and handling on returns if an item is defective or if Spectrum King LED made an error. However, if you return the item for any other reason, we will no longer refund the original shipping and handling. Please make sure to ship your return packages with tracking and insurance as we are not responsible for items lost or damaged in transit.

Many people ask us for PPF charts and umols /w and why we don’t publish that data. The reason is because the formulas that are used to calculate PAR use a limited spectral range from 400-700nm, as a company that sales a full spectrum light that produces wavelengths outside those ranges we would only be cheating ourselves by not being able to publish what our light is truly capable of, true sunlight quality.