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How To Hang Spectrum King LED Grow Lights

  • Correctly hanging grow lights ensures proper coverage and safety. We make it simple to get it right, by including all the hardware you need to hang your lights properly. Not only that, but our fixtures are lightweight, specially designed to minimize strain for both your workers and your structure!

    The appropriate hanging height for your lights depends on the intensity of the model you’ve got, what you’re growing, and your setup. There’s a little bit of an art to this process, because so much can vary between different plant types and environmental arrangements. Be patient – remember that learning what intensity your plants like is all part of the art of growing.

    One key variable to think about first is how much room you’ve got to move. If you’re hanging in a tent, your light is pretty much going to be at the same fixed height at all times. If that’s you, then remember that the DIMMER IS YOUR FRIEND. If you’ve got plants in veg phase and you’re using a 680W light, for example, dim it down a bit until your plants are a bit more mature, and then dial up the intensity once they’re ready to flower.

  • If you’re in a commercial environment, you’ve probably either got the lights hanging in racking, or you’ve otherwise got a single layer of cultivation, with plenty of room to adjust the light up and down.

    If you’ve got room to adjust the fixture’s height, we recommend the following heights during the flowering phase, and you can go ahead and adjust to your preference either via dimmer or by stretching the distance between the light and the plant if it’s in veg phase:

    • Phoenix 340W Veg: 12-18”

    • Phoenix 680W: 12-24”

    • Phoenix 840W: 18-30”

    • Phoenix 1050W: 24-36”

    • Phoenix 600W Rouge: 12-18”

    If you choose to adjust the height of the lights, the diagram below can help you to understand how it’s going to affect the light’s intensity.

  • Placement of Lights

    Placement of Lights

    As you can see in the diagram above, light intensity diminishes at an exponential rate; therefore, the closer you hang your light, the greater its intensity will be.

    Also remember that lighting fixtures work best when shared. By placing lights in close proximity to each other, plants that would otherwise be on the periphery receive more light from both lamps, thereby increasing their productivity in what is known as cross illumination.

    Warning: burning sulfur in your garden is not recommended when using LED lighting as it eats away at the substrate and will shorten their life span and will void your product warranty. IP65 rated fixtures can keep water and moisture out but burned sulfur gas eats away at the seals and get inside the fixtures where it destroys the LED's themselves over time. Spectrum King LED is not responsible for sulfur damage to our products.

    If you’d like to have a custom light map made for your facility, send us an email at We’ll be glad to help you out for free!

    Happy growing!