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Financing / Rebates

  • Spectrum King LED partners with SweetLeaf Capital to help you finance your grow

    As a cannabis pro you know that growing using LEDs will be mandatory in a
    couple of years, not only in California, but all over the USA. If you are looking for an opportunity to minimize your cash outlay, and grow your cannabis business visit our contact page or call 888-251-8384

    Contact Us
  • Qualify for Rebates & Finance your next Spectrum King LED light purchase!

    (Special note: Financing only available for purchases that total $50,000 or higher.)

    • No Down Payment Programs

    • Leases and Loan Programs

    • Rebate Support – Submission Processing

    • Rebate / Financing Packages

    • Lighting as a Service Programs

    • OP-EX and CAP-EX Options

    • No PG Programs Available

    • Alternative Collateral

    Financing Programs For other Services And Products*:

    • Energy

    • CoGen Programs

    • Energy as a Service Lighting

    • Support

    • HVAC

    • Construction / Land

    • Operational Financing

Let Spectrum King LED take care of your entire Rebate processing, as well as your Financing needs.

Call us Today +1 (888) 251-8284 or fill out the below form