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The Benefits Of LED Grow Lights For Indoor Food Production

• Long lifespan (50,000+ hours)

• Less prone to breakage or malfunction

• Instant toggling

• No toxic chemicals

• Eco-friendly, easy to dispose/recycle


The Benefits Of Spectrum King Full Spectrum LED For Indoor Food Production

Spectrum King is the first company to provide full spectrum LED grow lights to both the commercial and home growing community.

Our full spectrum LED grow lights are designed to mimic natural outdoor sunlight to help your plants grow healthier,

and yield better harvests with the quality and intensity of light they are accustomed to from natural sunlight.

Food production under LED Indoor food production under LED

Unlike other LED grow lights, Spectrum King LEDs outdistances their competitors by having one of the largest PAR ranges, as well as high lumens count.

Plants need more than just ultraviolet or red light; they need the full spectrum of colors for their grow cycle (including blues, reds, etc.).

Biggest carrot grown under Spectrum King LED Biggest Veg Grow Under LED