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Take a look at one of our largest client
Anthony Trimble
Take a look at one of our largest client


You know that we at Spectrum King LED work with cultivators of all sizes, from the smallest home grower to huge commercial grows.

We supply full spectrum LED grow lights to big scale grow facilities all over the world. Lately one of our largest clients launched a new state of the art 88, 000 sqft facility in Adelanto, CA.

Working with this client is exciting not only because of the size of its facility but in addition, because this company, Tikun Olam, is the company that actually started the whole medical cannabis revolution more than 15 years ago!

Tikun is all about cannabis research and growing specific strains to cure specific illnesses, and their products really work, we know because we tried them. In this facility, Tikun Olam uses an array of Spectrum King LEDs for different stages of the grow, from our MLH100 to the SK602.



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