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Spectrum King Is Now DLC Listed
Anthony Trimble
Spectrum King Is Now DLC Listed

The SK602 from Spectrum King LED has been fully tested and approved as a high-quality, energy-efficient product.

Our SK602 has been fully tested and approved as a high-quality energy-efficient product.

In addition to the outstanding warranty for light degradation, we provide this high-quality stamp from DLC which makes it even clearer you can buy this grow light with peace of mind.

The SK602 is trusted by both home growers and commercial growers all over the world. It’s a 630 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light made in the USA which replaces 1000W Double-Ended Bulbs. It is compliant nationwide and IP65 Rated for safety and water resistance.

Unlike any other company the SK602 comes with a Dual Warranty: 3 YEARS guaranteed to maintain 90% or better of its original light output with regular use plus a 5 YEAR Mechanical warranty on all parts and labor.

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