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The LowPro Veg in action
Anthony Trimble
The LowPro Veg in action
Watch this video to see our low profile veg grow light in action. The LowPro Veg light was born out of necessity for commercial growers who are vertical farming in racking. With the low profile form factor and easy installation we’ve made it incredibly easy to veg your plants on shelves in close proximity to the plants. With as little as 6” of clearance over your plants up to 3 feet you can get even light spread and coverage. Add a manual dimmer for more granular control or for larger scale installations get our Remote Power System and program your light schedule, levels, group sections together… an extremely versatile fixture to add to your gardening tool kit. 420-watt veg light 4 Bars (105 watts per bar) 120 volt - 3.5 amps 240 volt - 1.75 amps 277 volt - 1.52 amps 480 v 3ph - 0.5 amps 0.99 Input power factor 135.35 lm/w Efficacy 63,070 lumens Covers 4x4 area Just 23.6 lbs in weight Click the link to buy now Have questions or need a quote? Just call +1 (888) 654-0737, email we’re here to help.

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