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New bundle: two 140w lights for $100 less!
Anthony Trimble
New bundle: two 140w lights for $100 less!

You asked we listened.
We are now offering, for a limited time, two 140w lights bundled for $100 off!

You can get two Closet Cases 140w, which is high efficiency LED grow light designed for closets, tents and smaller grows. There is no need to swap out lights in the middle of your grow; just get the job done from seed to harvest with just a single 140 watt light! for only $498


Or, two Mother's Lil' Helper 140, is a commercial grade fixture designed for years of consistent maintenance free use. Designed to keep your mother plants going strong, for vegetative growth as well as your seedlings and clones, for only $498

Now, grow and prosper.

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