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What is the right grow light for your indoor garden?
Dino H. Carter
What is the right grow light for your indoor garden?
What is the right grow light for your indoor garden? 
You have a myriad of choices out there in the marketplace but without having your dimensions for your space (length x width x height), whether you’ll grow on tables or pots on the floor, what size pots and how many plants etc., you really can’t make a decision. Sure, you could just wing it and hope you picked the “right tool for the job” but grow lights come in many shapes, sizes and output wattages. When you say I’m going to get an LED grow light for example, we applaud your choice BUT you still need to do some research to know that you’re getting what you need for your plants in your space. 
Always keep in mind how much vertical space you have over your plants after they become full-sized, as some grow lights are meant for use in high ceiling environments for taller plants and others are meant for low ceilings and shorter plants. Once you’ve decided on an approach for your plants and the space you have to work with, be sure to read the specs of your LED grow light options and see what the coverage area is and the recommended height over the plant canopy is. That will help you choose the right light for your garden and get you on your way.

As always, happy gardening!

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