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How to really know what you’re paying for your grow's power
Anthony Trimble
How to really know what you’re paying for your grow's power

Many power companies send out bills that make you feel like you need to be a forensic accountant to understand them.

Let’s break it down to the simplest way to know what you’re actually paying for power when you grow indoor. It’s almost like what they show as the rate for kWh (kilowatt hour is how power is billed) is a tease and not really accurate. Why? Well after taxes, fees, surcharges and other terms used out there as well as tiered billing (where up to a certain threshold the rate is low but if you go over a certain amount then you start paying more per kWh for example) you end up feeling like maybe actually paying attention during math class back in the day wouldn’t have been such a bad idea. Let’s cut through the technobabble of your grow's electricity bill!

Whatever you actually paid on your last electricity bill is a real number and represents money that left your pocket and entered theirs. On the bill there will be a “total kWh used during billing cycle” or equivalent phrase. Just divide what you actually paid by that total number of kWh they charged you for and voila that is the real price per kWh you paid. Now you can clearly know what you pay and can see what you can do to keep more of your money in your pocket not theirs.

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