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Dino Carter

You asked for it and we built it!

Coming soon in Q2 of 2017, Spectrum King LED will announce the launch of our new Lighting Control System. The Spectrum King LED Lighting Control System will optimize the intensity on the canopy your plants are getting by utilizing our dimming controls. Among other functionalities, the system will give you the ability to design your virtual light canopies by placing lights in rooms you determine the sizes for. For those larger commercial facilities controlling separate zones of lighting will be easy too since you can control different rooms individually by setting up zones. For example, if you have one room with 80 lights they will all respond to the commands that you program. A single page, simple interface to set control for all your lights.

Programmable Lighting Schedules and Control

Our Lighting Schedules will give you the power to schedule your lights on/off function based on your desired lengths.  The Lighting Controls also have a “ramp up” and “ramp down” option which allows you to set the time between 10-100% brightness to mimic sunrise and sunset utilizing less energy and saving you money over time.  

Already have a Spectrum King LED Grow Light with a dimmer? No problem!

The controller will easily retrofit to your light. Giving you more functionality, the light will now have programmable dimming with a 10-100% dimming range. Having this added functionality will prevent initial shock to the plants and will save you money as the spike of amperage most people experience in rooms with many lights can be heavy. By gently increasing power to the lights through our dimming function you can lighten the load on your power grid and prevent any spikes.

On-Board Battery Back-Up

Rolling black outs and power failures are a big problem for commercial growers and for this reason we have a built-in a battery backup. The real-time clock on the controller board which is powered by the C-Cell battery saves all of your pre-programmed lighting schedules and settings.

Already have a Spectrum King LED Grow Light without a dimmer? We got you!

For our current customers without dimmers, we won’t forget you. This technology will be backwards compatible and can be retrofitted to your existing Spectrum King LED Grow Lights. All the same awesome functionality is available for designing rooms and placing lights in zones and utilizing schedules. Lights without dimmers will have an alternate dimming control which will give you the power go from off to half strength to full strength or 0% – 50% – 100%.


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