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Dino H. Carter

You spoke and we listened…
Spectrum King launches “140 watt” Mother’s Lil’ Helper & Closet Case 

Many of you have requested just a bit more light for your discreet grows, so we bring you the new & improved 140watt CC and MLH.

We took all the game changing benefits from the 100w predecessors and then stepped it up a notch. The results are:

Lights that use just 40 watts more power but are over 60% brighter  than the previous generation.

Made for all of your smaller spaces and lower ceiling grow spots your plants will thank you when you shower them with light from either the CC140 or MLH140.

Closet Case / CC140:

When you have space for just one light and want to go from seed to harvest then the Closet Case 140w (CC140) is the answer. You can cover up to a 4×4 area in veg and a solid 3×3 area in flower and that is done with just 140 watts.

Closet Case 140W LED Grow Light


Mother’s Lil’ Helper / MLH140:

For all of your vegetative growth, Mother’s lil Helper 140w (MLH140) will give you robust, vibrantly healthy growth with tight branching and thick stalks. A standard 4×4 area (120cm x 120cm) will be covered with the right amount of light for accelerated growth.

Mother’s lil’ Helper 14W LED Grow Light

Curious? Let your eyes see what can be done for your plants with just 140 watts, go to our shop.

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