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Spectrum King LED performs better than Fluence LED in a test
Anthony Trimble
Spectrum King LED performs better than Fluence LED in a test
Spectrum King LED vs Fluence…. Curious to see who came out on top?

Jay from Hybridyne Systems ran a fully documented test comparing a Fluence Spydr Plus vs an SK602.
As he prepares for his new facility he wanted to be sure he got himself the right lights for the job and we applaud his thorough nature.
The Spectrum King LED SK602 came out on top for yield, quality, terpenes, THC and end user experience "colas under the SK602 did appear to be larger in size as the SPYDRX Plus. The development under SK602 appeared to be more complete in trichome production and aroma."
Read on to see what he did, how he documented it and which light gave him the results he was looking for.
Spectrum King and Fluence comparison
Spectrum King and Fluence test
Spectrum King vs Fluence
Spectrum King LED Fluence comparison
SKLED vs Fluence
Best LED comparison Spectrum King comparison
Spectrum King comparison with Fluence


Spectrum King LED
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