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SK600 LED Grow Light

Sale SK600 LED Grow Light
$1,295.00 $0.00

SK600 LED Grow Light

The 600 watt patent pending full spectrum LED grow light is made in the USA. This light replaces 1000W-1200W dual-ended bulbs (both MH HPS). It can be used for both vegetative and flower growth. The nationwide compliant SK600 LED grow light coverage area includes 25 sq ft in flower ( 5×5 ft ) and over 64 sq ft in vegetation ( 8×8 ft).

The SK600 provides more square feet of coverage than any other LED grow light in the market with proven results and is safety certified and IP65 rated. With a rugged waterproof housing, the SK600 LED grow light is fit for use in wet and humid conditions. The SK600 is 82% brighter than the 400+ with only 34% more watts consumed, which is less heat than most competitors. The SK600 also saves over 43.5% on energy when compared to dual-ended 1000-1200 watt HPS bulbs.

The SK600 comes with or without reflector. You can choose to add a manual dimmer, which enables turning the power down to as low as 10% power for more control. The SK600 also comes with a dual warranty and is guaranteed to maintain 90% or better light output for 3 year with regular use plus a 5 year mechanical warranty on all parts and labor. No other company guarantees the light output degradation (read more)

  • Full-spectrum 640 Watt LED light made in the USA.
  • 92% efficiency!
  • Uses just 40% more power than 400+ series.
  • Gives you 82% more light than the 400+ series.
  • New 7” low profile housing.
  • Safe for outdoor use.
  • Rugged waterproof housing designed for wet and humid environments.
  • Safe for outdoor use.
  • Extra efficient heat sinks lower overall ambient room temperature.
  • Same light intensity as a 1000-watt dual-ended high pressure sodium bulb.
  • Nine-foot power cord and two large eye hooks for hanging included.
  • Brightest LED lighting fixture in the market today.
  • Great for supplemental greenhouse lighting.
  • Cool up to 6 SK600’s with just 1 ton of AC!
  • Item Number – SK600
  • Light Source – LED

  • Recommended Cooling BTUs– 2,200
  • Ideal Replacement1150 DE Lamps

  • Light Beam Angle– 90 and 120 Degree available
  • Body Lens– Glass
  • Body Case Material– Die Cast Aluminum

  • Product Size
    10”W x 7”H x 21”D (120˚ Ref)
  • Product Weight
    20 lbs ( 9.2 Kg )

  • Suitable Distance Over Canopy 120 Degree– Veg: 48” to 60” Flower: 24” to 36”
  • Coverage Area Veg– Up to 8’ x 8’
  • Coverage Area Flower – Up to 5’ x 5’

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