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It's baaaack! 
The Spectrum King LED Growers Challenge! Beginning on April 1, it's time to show us how good you are so you can win FREE LIGHTS!!  Put your Spectrum King grow up against the very best out there! How? 
- Videos
- Pics
- Journals with temps, RH, nutrients, etc. 
- Lab results 
- Hashtags on social media
The more documentation of your great grow using Spectrum King LEDs, the better! We'll be awarding over $10,000 worth of FREE LIGHTS to MULTIPLE WINNERS!!

We are excited to announce that this year The Dude Grows will help us judge, and not only that, photos of winners' grows will be featured on The Dude Grows Show on YouTube!

Submit your SK-grown photos and videos for chances to win prizes. This contest ends June 30th, 2018 and winners will be announced via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
Fully documented grow journals with 3rd party lab tests will be entered into the Grand Prize SK602 give away. 
All other grow journals* will be entered into the SK402 give away where 2 winners will be picked. Each winner will get the SK402.
All "Best Bud" submissions will be eligible for their choice of either Mother's Lil Helper orCloset Case 100w lights. There will be 3 winners in this category.
All entries submitted and accepted will get their choice of SK hat or t-shirt.
Remember that all entries must be grown under Spectrum King LEDs and have proof (photos and or videos of the plants in question). Get your grow on as you have to be in it to win it!
*A full grow journal by our definition is:

  • weekly updates with room temps, canopy temps, humidity, nutrients & ppm, CO2 or not and ppm


Spectrum King LED

Q1: If you were to see deficiencies in your no till or soil grow typically you would add a dose of what you believe the plant is lacking. Using PPM to regulate that dose is a standard practice.

Q2: We are having a grower’s challenge for anything grown with SK lighting and that is what the hashtag is for. To bring it to people’s attention and get more entries.

Spectrum King LED
Yes, you must have Spectrum King LED and show which one you use

William Ferguson
I dont have spectrum king leds but am a new grower on my first grow indoors do i need spectrum king leds to participate in the contest


I have two points and questions. my first question is what is the point of PPM when growing in a soil grow or no till grow? Next question real quick what exactly is the hash tag? #spectrumkingled2018challenge?

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