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Saving nearly 50% per photon and increasing cannabis yield

Rodger Olivares on Spectrum King’s new Phoenix lights: "This new generation of LED lights is created with the cannabis grower in mind, taking into consideration yield improvement, cost savings and durability,” says Rodger Olivares, Chief Operations Officer at Spectrum King LED. After creating the world’s first patented full-spectrum LED grow light, the company continues its course of innovation for the cannabis industry with its latest Phoenix line. “Our cannabis-tested LED systems reduce operating costs for the long haul, without sacrificing durability this industry demands. Growers can focus on their plants, not hardware headaches."

Decreasing costs, increasing lifespan

Olivares explains that the first thing on every grower’s mind is the cost, whether this is the upfront cost or the cost during production. “With this also being a key issue concerning the transition from HPS to LED, we are differentiating ourselves by offering an affordable option that does not limit the quality. Our price-to-performance ratio offers savings averaging nearly 50% per photon above most competitors. Moreover, our lights use an average of 36% less electricity than a standard HPS fixture.”

No matter how affordable in comparison to other companies, lights are still an investment for growers. Therefore, the lifespan and durability are of great importance as well. “With Q-90 rated diodes, the lights are built for 62,000 hours of photon based performance, which is over a decade of use.” During this long lifetime, the industry first dual surge immunity ensures that the lights will stay on no matter what. “The number one return for any LED fixture is because of failure due to electrical overstress. Such a surge can fry your electrical components. With a first-of-its-kind dual surge immunity on the driver and LED board, we are providing the grower some peace of mind. When installing our lights, they can set it and forget it from day one.”

Increasing yield

When it comes to improving cultivation, each cannabis strain is of course different, Olivares explains. Still, Spectrum King’s custom light spectrums are tested and tailored for maximizing growth in both the vegetative and flowering cycles. “A lot of our customers that have switched to our LED lights go from 2 pounds per yield with HPS to averaging 3 pounds per yield with our systems, because of our lights providing higher intensity with a proven spectrum.” Indeed, light intensity is becoming more and more of an important aspect for growers. “Concerning yield improvement, there is a general rule we can apply. Recent studies have shown that every 1% increase in light intensity leads to a 1% increase in yield. As a result, we see that growers want lights with a higher wattage. The Phoenix 840W in particular is a great way for a grower to increase their yield while not having to increase their canopy size. Offering 30% increase in photon output over HPS while still saving 25% in electrical costs.” The light intensity of the Phoenix lights is dimmable down to 10%, enabling growers to mimic the sunrise/sunset effect and fine-tune their grow.

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