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Dino Carter

Every 420 we celebrate cannabis culture and history and this year was no different.  The Spectrum King LED community elevated this year’s 420  even higher!  With the huge success of our 420 sale…SKLED showed our love back by extending the 420 Sale an extra day for all of you in the SKLED community. Spectrum King LED would like send a huge THANK YOU to all that took part in this years 420 Sale.

Make sure to send SKLED your best photos of your setup and dank flower.

SKLED on the road….Come visit us at MJbizCon in Washington DC next month!  We will be in booth #629 with some new products. To get $50 off on registration, use our registration discount code: ThanksSpectrum50

WE are announcing our first New Product launch for 2017…the Upgraded MLH and CC, with a 140W version.  Be on the lookout for more information on this product and our other new products for 2017!

Spectrum KIng LED’s commitment to you is to continually be moving forward, designing and building the most efficient and best LED Lights for all growers. 140w Never Looked So Bright!

Spectrum King is introducing our new Closet Case & Mother’s Lil Helper lights with 140w. These two new products that will just blow you away!

With the Mother’s Lil Helper – MLH 140W, you can veg up to a 4’x4′ area for plants up to 3′ tall that truly only uses 140w.

With our Closet Case – CC140W light you can grow from seed to harvest all with the with the same 140w unit.   Use our newest LED grow light to flower up to a 3’x3′ area with ease and get superior quality crop production.

Your eyes will have a hard time believing that either of these lights only use 140w when you see how bright and intense they are. Your plants will absolutely love them! When you want to save money and power, and increased yields, then both the CC 140w and MLH 140W lights will do it for you.

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